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Amy Schumer’s Son Gene Does Not Care About His Mom’s Super Bowl Commercial

In her debut as Hellman’s Fairy Godmayo during last night’s Super Bowl, Amy Schumer donned wings and what looked like an old-school flight attendant’s uniform and helped a hapless man prepare a meal. While Twitter users were divided on the ad, one thing is for certain, Schumer’s son Gene was not impressed.

In a funny video she posted on Instagram Sunday night, we find Schumer, husband Chris Fischer, and baby Gene watching Schumer’s mayo debut.

Like any mom hoping their kid will be impressed with them, Schumer expectantly watches Gene, her expression hopeful, waiting for a reaction. Gene, who is sitting in his dad’s lap passively sucking at a pacifier, obviously could not care less. After the clip ends, Schumer says, “Was that Mommy?”

Gene, who apparently missed the excitement of the moment, answered, “No!” and went back to watching TV like his mom wasn’t just on the screen during the biggest television night of the year.

Schumer, who stars alongside her chef-husband in Food Network Show Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, teamed up with Hellmann’s for the brand’s first-ever Super Bowl ad to help bring awareness to the issue of food waste.

“It was startling to learn how much food gets thrown out in our homes, especially when you consider how many people are struggling to put food on their tables,” Schumer said in a statement. “I’m proud to partner with Hellmann’s to bring awareness to this issue and help provide people with tangible ways to make easy changes at home. Simple steps like embracing imperfect foods and organizing your fridge or pantry can start to help reduce waste and inspire creativity in the kitchen.”

They didn’t name their kids “genital,” like Amy Schumer accidentally did, but we love these unique celebrity baby names.

celebrity baby names

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