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Chrissy Teigen Feels ‘Kicks in My Belly’ on What Would Have Been Jack’s Birth Week

Chrissy Teigen just broke all our hearts with her Twitter post about the pregnancy she lost last fall. It’s been months since the tragedy, and she has graciously taken us through her grieving process, normalizing it for others who have suffered miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss in silence. Her statement came in the middle of a thread about disappointing meals, because also that is how grief works, always running in the background until it punches you in the face every once in a while.

“My little Jack would have been born this week so I’m a bit off,” she wrote on Wednesday. “I truly feel kicks in my belly, but it’s not phantom. I have surgery for endometriosis tomorrow…but the period feeling this month is exactly like baby kicks. sigh.”

Fans quickly responded with notes of support and understanding, as well as thanks.

“I miscarried in December and seeing you talk about it has helped me so much,” wrote @cmgruenberg. “I feel a little less crazy. My due date was July 3 and I’m dreading it.”

“When I lost a pregnancy at 5 mos., my body didn’t start going back to ‘normal’ until after the due date passed,” shared @MissMoNoise. “SO hard, but with the love and support of family and esp. your two beautiful little ones, you will get through it. Sending you love and hugs from NorCal.”

Teigen also shared a video of her belly.

Of course, this being Twitter, Teigen still got harassed by people who don’t think she has the right to share either the fabulous things about her life or the sad, mundane ones. She clapped back at these critiques.

“Me, sharing story of getting screwed over by a waiter. shares story of rough week, baby would have been born. feeling anxious, sad,” she wrote. “You: let’s fucking own this rich bitch for retweets.”

Teigen and John Legend have been open about the pain of losing their baby after excessive bleeding, sharing personal posts on social media. They announced the devastating news on Instagram, with an intimate look at Teigen in the hospital bed in tears.

Our hearts are with Teigen, Legend, Luna, Miles, and their whole family.

These other famous parents have been open about suffering miscarriages.

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