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Ashley Tisdale’s Nude Pregnant Selfie Is an Important Message for Her Unborn Daughter

High School Musical alum Ashley Tisdale made headlines this week when she bared her bump in a body-positive Instagram post. The photo, and its accompanying caption about loving and thanking our bodies for all they do, was just one of the ways Tisdale spoke out about the message she wants her future daughter to grow up hearing.

“So much of the time we give our love to others,” Tisdale wrote on Instagram Monday. “Let’s start loving ourselves and our bodies in every shape and form.”

The shape and form of her very pregnant body is on full display in the mirror selfie, because she has every reason to be proud of it.

“Our bodies do a lot for us every day and we neglect to acknowledge that,” she said. “Thank your body and say I love you.”

Last week, in a post on her blog Frenshe, the 35-year-old wrote an in-depth response to new questions regarding the rhinoplasty surgery she had 15 years ago. The post was in response to a recent interview, where the conversation turned from the excitement surrounding the upcoming birth of Tisdale’s daughter (the child will be the first for her and husband Christopher French), to the old issue. She wrote about being caught off guard by the line of questioning.

“As you can see, this is a lot to unload for me, and a 10-minute interview is not where I intended to talk about why I felt like I needed to do it,” the star wrote before going on to detail the reason she underwent the procedure back then, and why she felt the need to explain her story now.

“At the time, it didn’t feel like THAT big of a deal to me because the decision was based on serious health issues I was having,” the star wrote describing her deviated septum. “To be clear, it was not about changing my appearance.”

Instead, she explains, having the “bump” on her nose shaved down was suggested by her doctor after several visits. When the option of rhinoplasty was put on the table, Tisdale said she didn’t give the procedure a second thought.

Unfortunately, the public response that followed was that Tisdale had the procedure to change her appearance, a misconception she says she spent a long time trying to contend. “If anything, I was insecure after the procedure,” she wrote.

Today, the mom-to-be is quick to squash any attempt at reigniting the idea that she doesn’t like the way she looks. Both her Frenshe post and her photo caption on Instagram are a testament to how the star feels about her body, both then and now, and how she hopes to pass that attitude on to her unborn daughter.

“At the end of the day, I’m having a daughter, and I hope her choices aren’t met with judgment or shame,” she wrote in her blog before adding that she was choosing to turn this “bummer” into a positive. Based on her positive response to all of this, we’re sure Tisdale is going to be an amazing role model for her daughter.

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