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Chrissy Teigen Is Every Mom Failing to Do Something Just for Herself

Chrissy Teigen has shown more than once that she is an every-mom. Her relatable and honest social media presence is full of anecdotes that prove the model, cookbook author, and mother of two with husband John Legend, is more like the rest of us than we ever would’ve guessed. And while horseback-riding isn’t a hobby many of us can take up these days, she’s even just like us when it comes to that new endeavor.

After a tragic and much-publicized late-pregnancy loss last year, Teigen’s therapist suggested the grieving mom find a hobby, something just for her, to help her cope with her grief. Teigen decided to try her hand at horses, much to the dismay of many Twitter trolls.

But, as we all know, a mom trying to do something just for herself usually works better in theory than in practice. Over the weekend, Teigen shared a video of herself (in a mask) nuzzling her big, sweet, handsome horse friend. And then she shared a video of her  4-year-old daughter, Luna — riding a horse.

We’ve all been there. We start a new adventure, try something new, and the only thing we can think is, “You know who would love this? My kids!!” And we kiss our personal hobby goodbye and make space for our little ones to join in. Because as mothers, we’re kind of hard-wired to do that, to share moments with our kids, to want our children to experience life with us, even when we know we need space.

One Twitter user called Teigen out for this, writing, “Wait I thought horseback riding was going to be your thing!?” And Teigen, channeling moms everywhere had the perfect response.

“I know. I’m not good at having my own thing,” she replied.

We see you, Chrissy. We get it.

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