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Katy Perry Calls Daughter ‘Time in Human Form,’ & We’ve Never Heard a Better Metaphor

Motherhood is a life-changing thing, not only for normal folks, but for A-listers too. In an intimate Instagram Live posted this week, Katy Perry, explained how the birth of daughter Daisy Dove Bloom last year changed her life and made her reset her focus.

“I had a baby,” she said. “That changed my life. She changed my life and still continues to change my life.” Perry then went on to explain how welcoming a baby into the world and becoming a mother caused her to rethink her priorities. “I created space for her and I. Therefore, I didn’t have the extra time that I have had in the past 35 years… I’m glad I did.”

Perry, who wowed the nation with a performance of her hit “Firework” after the inauguration of President Joe Biden, said that once she became a mother, her focus shifted.

“I think, you realize that when you become a mother is that you just have to focus on being a mom,” she explained. “And it’s not because you don’t love other people, not because of anything besides you just want to be a great mom. And so a lot of stuff falls away when you become a mom.”

Perry and fiancé Orlando Bloom welcomed Daisy on August 26, 2020, and have been keeping a relatively low profile ever since (inaugural engagements excepted), focusing on their family and spending time appreciating the small moments.

“I see my daughter change so much in the past five months and looking back at photos it’s like, ‘Whoa,'” she said. “You see time in human form and it’s like… Now she’s got chunky cheeks.”

On embracing mindfulness, she added, “In a way, it’s really encouraged me to be even more present and to value every day. And all we have is this moment. That’s what’s promised is this moment and nothing else.”

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