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Bindi Irwin Says Her Baby is ‘Ready to Take on the World’

Ever since Bindi Irwin announced her pregnancy with husband Chandler Powell, we’ve been eagerly following all of her sweet baby bump pictures (along with nursery updates) on her Instagram. While Irwin regularly cares for wildlife in the animal kingdom with ease, pregnancy is a beast of its own that she’s tackling for the first time (and doing so gracefully might we add!). Well, the expecting mama is officially in the final phase of her pregnancy journey — and apparently, her baby is a real kicker!

“Little baby wildlife warrior will be here in just a few months and we are so happy!” Bindi said during her appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. “She is now about the same size as a platypus!” She explained that she “felt weird” comparing her baby’s growing size to fruits and vegetables as other mothers sometimes do, so it makes sense she chose animals to compare her little one to as her baby continued to grow.

The mom-to-be said her “little platypus is very cute” and her baby girl’s personality is already shining through from the womb. “She’s busy though, my goodness!” Bindi laughed. “All I do is get kicked. I don’t think she ever sleeps. So I think we’re going to have our hands full — she’s ready to take on the world!”

Powell added, “Oh yeah, we’re at the stage now where we’re starting to see feet and hands come through Bindi’s belly. It is the coolest thing. We’re so excited.”

While Irwin and Powell are looking fondly at that moment in Irwin’s pregnancy, Clarkson recalled having a very different reaction to that phase in her pregnancy. “It always tripped me out. I felt like I was on Alien, the movie, when things were moving around the skin. I never was that girl that was like ‘Awww’ — I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ You’re gonna love them, and they will be a handful so you watch out.”

We love that Irwin and Powell are enjoying every phase of her pregnancy, Alien moments and all!

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