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Paris Hilton Has Started ‘Tough’ IVF Treatments as She Plans for Twins

Paris Hilton is making some big life changes! The businesswoman and heiress recently revealed that she is undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) and is looking forward to taking “that next step” in life. The former party girl-turned-entrepreneur told The Trend Reporter with Mara podcast that she and boyfriend Carter Reum have already been through the first steps of planning their family, and they are hoping for twins.

“It was tough, but I knew it would be worth it. I did it a couple of times,” she said regarding the egg retrieval process.

She had hinted about doing this last year, when she spoke to the LadyGang podcast about pre-selecting her babies’ sex. “When you freeze your eggs, you can pick if you get a boy, you get a girl, you get twins,” she said at the time, revealing that she wants to name her future daughter London.

In her more recent interview Hilton said she was inspired by her pal Kim Kardashian, who is no stranger to IVF herself.

“I didn’t even know anything about it,” Hilton said. “I’m happy that she told me that advice and introduced me to her doctor.” Kardashian underwent IVF to conceive her and Kanye West’s second child, Saint, who was born in 2015.

Hilton and boyfriend Reum announced they were dating in January 2020, and rumors of marriage began circulating not long after. Though the couple hasn’t tied the knot yet, according to Hilton, engagement is definitely in the cards. In a sweet Instagram post to commemorate their 13-month anniversary, Hilton gushed, “Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever dreamed up a love so perfect and special! You are truly my dream come true! My dream guy forever and I’m so happy and grateful that I was custom-made for you and you for me.”

“I really do believe that having a family and having children is the meaning of life,” the 39-year-old said on The Trend Reporter podcast. “And I haven’t got to experience that, because I didn’t feel like anybody deserved that love from me, and now I finally found the person who does.”

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