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Kelly Clarkson Hilariously Bungled the ‘Where Do Babies Come From’ Talk With Daughter River

Oh, the birds and the bees. We’ll admit, having the talk with your kids is not easy, nor is it one you’re necessarily looking forward to — but of course, it’s important you do so. Multiple times, in age-appropriate ways. Kelly Clarkson recently opened up about her own “where do babies come from?” conversation with her 6-year-old daughter, River on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Add in the uncomfortable topic of death, and let’s just say, things didn’t exactly go as well as Clarkson had hoped. Somehow, the chat led to her daughter thinking every woman is pregnant…?

When asked by a fan if she has ever said something to her kid that she later regretted, the American Idol star answered, “My daughter became obsessed when she was 4 years old about where she came from. And then she started being nervous about death. I was like, ‘What is happening?'”

In an effort to make her River feel better, Clarkson continued to explain, “She was talking about death and all these things, and I wanted her to feel good about not dying, or anything like that and then also, like, ‘Well, you were a part of Mommy, so you’ll always have me, so even if Mommy dies, you were a part of me.'”

“‘You were in Mommy’s tummy, actually,” she added. “So, you were always a part of me, so that’ll never go away. You’re from my body, so you carry Mommy on, so, in a sense, Mommy will never die with you because I’m a part of you.'”

That’s when things backfired for Clarkson, because her daughter started thinking that every woman was expecting a child that would carry on when they died. “And, then, she took that as in any woman in the world, regardless if you have a stomach or not, walks up to and goes, ‘So you have a baby in there?’ It just doesn’t matter who it is, she is just very excited that, ‘Don’t worry. If you die, she’s still gonna carry you on,'” Clarkson recalled. “It’s like, you missed the … we shouldn’t tell people that they’re pregnant.”

Hey, the convo is tough for any parent to have! When it’s time to sit down with your child and talk about sex and where babies come from — even at the most basic level with young kids like River, it’s important to stay calm and just be honest. And when it doesn’t exactly go according to plan? Well, we’re glad that Clarkson can laugh about — and share the story with the rest of us!

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