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Chrissy Teigen Shouldn’t Have to Defend Her New Horseback-Riding Hobby

Chrissy Teigen is one of the most honest celebrity moms out there, always letting fans in on the details of her personal life, from the joyful (new cookbook news!) to the heartbreaking, most recently sharing her struggles coping with her recent pregnancy loss. Teigen’s refusal to follow anyone else’s rules when it comes to social media sharing is one of the things we love most about her. Predictably, her honesty also brings out the trolls — every. single. time. To wit: Teigen recently shared that she has taken up horseback riding as a new hobby — and yep, some people are upset about it.

Teigen took to Twitter recently, writing, “My therapist says I need something I do for just me, as I have absolutely nothing currently lol. Today begins my journey in the horse world. I hope this dude likes me.”

Fresh air, exercise, animals…what’s not to like here? Well, people took issue with her words “I have absolutely nothing” insinuating that she is ungrateful for her privilege. She was quick to clarify the meaning behind her tweet, sharing that her hobby was to help her deal with her pregnancy loss. She wrote, “a lot of u really misinterpreted this tweet and I guess that’s on me. I didn’t say I have nothing, I said I have nothing I do for just me. A convo with a therapist. A hobby. Cause I lost a baby. And I’m figuring myself out. And i didn’t buy a horse. But oh my god, what if I did?”

After becoming a mother, it’s hard to prioritize your needs above your children’s any time, ever — and after the traumatic experience of losing a much-wanted pregnancy, you can easily lose yourself. Teigen should be (and is, in our humble opinion) an inspiration to all moms out there who need to take some time for themselves and recognize what they need. No mom should have to justify and defend having a hobby that’s all her own, taking some “me” time, and prioritizing her mental health. And here’s to Chrissy Teigen for starting yet another honest and much-needed parenting conversation.

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