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Dwyane Wade’s Teens Are Totally, Hilariously Grossed Out by Sexy Pic of Him & Gabrielle Union

Nothing can make a teenager cringe like the idea of their parents as, well, anything but parents, and Dwyane Wade’s kids Zaya and Zaire are no exceptions. After the retired NBA star posted a sexy photo of him and their stepmom, Gabrielle Union, to celebrate his 39th birthday on Monday, his teens made their discomfort public. Yep, no parent is safe from teenager criticisms.

“Birthday behavior‼️ 39 is already looking up,” Wade wrote on Instagram, captioning a photo of himself nude, standing behind Union, who is in a robe. Sure, they could have just been getting dressed, but that caption says otherwise.

“This isn’t what i wanted to wake up to 🤢,” 18-year-old Zaire commented on his dad’s post.

“Ayooooo chill, I just got on😵😵😵😔😪,” 13-year-old Zaya Wade added. Though her account bio says it’s run by her parents, she apparently has the ability to post her mortification at will.

We can only imagine what the youngest Wade, Kaavia James, a.k.a. Shady Baby, would say if she could.

But embarrassment aside, those kids will be just fine with the knowledge that their dad is an adult who has sex. As long as they don’t have to see any further evidence, that is.

“The fact that as parents you have sex is a great thing; it means your relationship will be healthier for them in the long run, and you’re being good role models to your kid about what it means to have a connected intimate life,” psychiatrist Dr. Lea Lis told SheKnows recently about what to do if your kids walk in on you having sex. Though she did caution that parents should also maintain privacy as much as possible. “Parents should have their privacy to have sex. Exposure to eroticism is not appropriate for children, and they should not be brought into it in any way that is inappropriate.”

All of Wade’s kids are exposed to something very good for them, however: an example of a health, loving relationship between him and his wife. Just look at the video Union made to celebrate his birthday, setting a new gold standard for Insta-dad tributes.

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