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Does This DWTS Pro Realize She Named Her Son After a ’90s Movie Character?

If you are not a regular viewer of Dancing With the Stars or a scholar of celebrity baby names, perhaps the news that pro Witney Carson revealed her baby’s name yesterday slipped your notice. (Not like there was anything else going on in the world.) But there is something important to note about this name choice, which she says is in honor of husband Carson McAllister’s late father.

“Kevin Leo McAllister. Named after his grandpa who sent him down to us,” Carson revealed on Instagram on Wednesday, three days after his birth. And maybe everyone was distracted by the fact that she’s actually calling him by his middle name, Leo. And by the fact that this is a very cute baby.

But really. Was no one else suckered into watching ’90s movies over the holidays? Kevin McAllister, may be spelled a little differently from Kevin McCallister, a.k.a. Macaulay Culkin’s character in the Home Alone movies, but when you say that aloud, it’s the same name.

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Which, perhaps is why Carson is honoring her father-in-law, who also had to go through the last few decades with the same name as the kid from Home Alone, but not actually calling her son Kevin. She emphasized that in her post, not only posing him with a “Leo” sign, but repeating the name twice.

“My little Leo, I love you more than words can express,” she wrote. “You are the most precious gift. My life will forever be changed by your sweet spirit. Welcome to the world, Leo.”

All teasing aside, it is interesting to note that Kevin (which means “gentle”) is a name that has steadily dropped in popularity since its peak in 1963 (at #11 in the U.S.). In 2019, it ranked #149, its lowest point since 1947. Perhaps ’90s nostalgia will bring this baby name back soon?

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