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Bachelor Alum Bekah Martinez Actually Doesn’t Need Your Sleep-Training Advice

If you’re a mom, you probably understand Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez’s I-can-do-it-all mentality, as well as her why-did-I-do-this-to-myself? regret. The mother of two expressed both things simultaneously on her Instagram this week. What we really don’t get is all the other mothers who feel it their duty to step in and tell her all that she’s doing sleep-training wrong.

First, let’s recap all that Martinez is taking on at the moment: She’s raising almost-2-year-old Ruthie Ray and 6-month-old Franklin; she’s attending her last two college classes before finally obtaining her college degree; she’s hosting her podcast Chatty Broads; she’s doing sponsored posts on Instagram; and she’s created a Patreon site with boyfriend Grayston Leonard, recapping him watching her season of the Bachelor. We are exhausted just typing that.

On Tuesday, she posted videos on her Instagram Stories sharing how beat she was after staying up late to watch the new season of The Bachelor (which she’s recapping on her podcast) and then waking up twice with each kid.

“Neither of the babies are sleeping through the night right now; both of them are waking up two times during the night,” she said, listing all the reasons she’s so tired.

A “helpful” commenter decided this was a good time to tell her, “Well not having Ruth on a proper sleep schedule is a big problem. As much as you may not like schedules and structure, when it comes to sleep you will eventually regret it.”

Martinez screen-capped the comment and wrote on her Stories, “I know this is well-intentioned but it’s rude and unprompted.” She then explained, though she didn’t need to, that Ruth is on a schedule but she’s currently waking up because her baby brother is — a problem every parent of two children will tell you is nearly unavoidable.

“Reading messages like this just makes me feel even more frustrated,” she continued. “It’s not helpful.”

If Martinez wants your sleep-training advice, we know she’s not the type to be too shy to ask. Until then, helpful strangers, we remind you once more, to keep your unsolicited wisdom to yourself.

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