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Kelly Rowland Looks Like She Could Dance Right Into Her Due Date

By our calculations, Kelly Rowland is due to have her second baby sometime within the next month — meaning, she is super pregnant right now. Even so, the singer took to Instagram on Wednesday to show us she can move better than most of us ever have when we’re unencumbered by another life growing inside us.

“#OOOOO SHE WANTS TO MOVE,” Rowland captioned a video of herself dancing to her own song “Hitman,” and dressed once again in Ivy Park sweats.

In case you thought this was completely a breeze for her, she added the hashtag, “#dancingpregnanakeyoutiredAF.”

She may have been tired after making the video, but many of us who have been pregnant are marveling at this sight. I was out of breath just walking across the house at that point in my pregnancy. Others on Instagram commented on her post to share their awe.

“Meanwhile I’m 9 months pregnant and can barely walk without pain,” keema wrote.

“And I can barely walk down the road with my bump! 🤣 this is amazing!x,” misstggrey added.

But a peek at the rest of Rowland’s Instagram shows that she is serious about exercising and has her personal trainer visit her, even at this stage of her pregnancy. That’s why a bit of fab choreo is still possible for her. Doctors recommend people in healthy pregnancies get 150 minutes of aerobic activity a week, and why not make that activity look this good?

You can interpret her caption to mean that the “she” who wants to move is her baby, whose sex she hasn’t revealed publicly yet. Or she could be referring to herself. In October, Rowland told SheKnows that her son, Titan, wanted to be the one to tell everybody whether he was getting a brother or sister.”

“It’s for my son to tell,” she said. “He said he wants to tell everybody.”

The 5-year-old is super stoked for this new arrival, Rowland told us.

“He feels like this baby is his baby, which is really sweet,” she said. “Well, we’ll see how long that lasts once the baby gets there.”

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