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Emma Roberts’ Baby Boy’s Name Has Such Poetic Meaning

Emma Roberts gave birth to her baby boy with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund on Sunday, and now we’re of course super curious to know what the two actors have named their first child. It’s yet to be officially confirmed, but TMZ claims to have the baby names scoop.

According to the gossip site, Roberts and Hedlund named their son Rhodes. Assuming he’s getting his dad’s Hedlund, he’ll have two geographically rooted names.

Rhodes is both a first name and an English surname. It’s also one of the Dodecanese islands in Greece, and is mentioned in the Bible. According to the Dictionary of American Family names (via, the English surname is not originally a reference to the Greek island, but instead derived from the Old English word rode, meaning “a clearing in the woods,” and the spelling was later changed to match the Greek isle. Other sources say it means “lives near the crucifix,” or “the place where roses grow.” It’s considered a gender-neutral alternative to Rose, too.

Hedlund, meanwhile, is a Swedish name that combines two words: hed, meaning “heath,” and lund, meaning “moor.” That’s giving us major Wuthering Heights vibes.

We can’t begin to speculate on how little Rhodes’ parents chose his name, but it is interesting to note that Emma Roberts, who has a first name as a last name, gave her son a last name as a first name.

The best thing we know for sure about this new family is that “everyone is healthy,” according to an insider’s quote to E! Online. Congrats!

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