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Why Nikki Bella Made Her Sister ‘Kind of a Little Mad’ When She Went into Labor

When you hear about how twins Nikki Bella and Brie Bella gave birth to their baby boys a mere 22 days apart, you’ve got to wonder: Did they plan this? That’s what Ryan Seacrest asked on Monday’s Live With Kelly and Ryan, anyway. In fact, far from planning it, Brie was actually a little bit incensed at first, when her sister went into labor on the same day.

“We were a week and a half apart, but we were trying to meditate our way [to go into] labor the same day, because we thought that would be amazing — being twins and then we pretty much have our own set of twins,” Nikki said to Seacrest and guest host Ali Wentworth.

“Are there meditations that can actually accomplish that?” wondered Seacrest, ever the naive man.

“Well, [Nikki]’s into vision boards, so she just pasted it on her vision board,” Brie joked. “I was a week and a half ahead of my sister, and we walked into the doctor’s office. It was my last appointment. I had been dilated at 4 [cm] for three weeks, so I’m like, I’m due any day. And I was already late. We walk into the doctor’s office, and her water just breaks. And I feel bad because at first, I was kind of a little mad.”

Gotta love that sibling rivalry. In an interview on the Click Bait With Bachelor Nation podcast, Nikki had previously admitted to wanting to give birth before her sister.

“Only we make it competitive,” Nikki said. “I make it competitive, which she hated. She was having a surprise, so we didn’t know what she was having. Once I knew I was having a boy, my mom really wanted a boy. I was like, ‘Hah, I’m having the first grandson,’ because I do that with everything.”

Brie wasn’t just feeling competitive, however. Because she’d had a C-section with her daughter, Birdie, she was facing a deadline by which she could safely attempt to have a natural birth with her second child. That’s why, she explained to Seacrest, she was a little jealous when Nikki went into labor first.

“[Brie] literally was recording, filming my appointment on her phone, and when my water broke, she hit stop, and goes, ‘Really!? Your water just broke?’ and missed the whole moment because she was so upset that my water broke,” Nikki complained.

For now, however, the competition between the sisters has calmed a little. At least for as long as Brie’s son, Buddy, and Nikki’s son, Matteo, do everything at the same time.

“They’re a built-in tag team,” Brie said of the cousins.

“They do have a lot of personality for just being 4 months, and it’s weird because they’re always on the same page,” Nikki said. “They’re trying to talk. They’re already rolling over. Mine started teething at 9 weeks, but they both are about to get their teeth in.”

Uh-oh. She did just try to get that one milestone in ahead again too, didn’t she?

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