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No, Hilaria Baldwin is Not ‘Genetically Superior’ Because of Postpartum Lingerie Photo

So, let’s just start by saying that Hilaria Baldwin is great (I know this, I just chatted with her!) and she is a great mom and also she happens to look great too. That’s all well and good, and we love that she recently posted a photo of her in her underwear doing the most natural of new-mom things: smelling her baby’s head (c’mon you’ve done it too — admit it). It’s a sweet photo and a sweet post; the problem lies only in the commenters who are obsessing over Baldwin’s body just because she happens to be three things: postpartum, thin, and wearing lingerie.

“Can’t stop smelling this baby,” Baldwin captioned her photo, in which she sniffs the smushy face of Eduardo, her fifth child with husband Alec Baldwin. In the pic, Hilaria is in black undies and a bra; Eduardo is cozied up in a festive red onesie.

“Edu’s outfit belonged to my other boys,” Baldwin’s caption continues. “Alec says he looks like a tomato — Rafa says he looks like a ‘Christmas miracle’…I’m with Rafa.”

We’re with Rafa too on that one, obviously. We are not, however, with Hilaria’s fans and foes alike who seemingly aren’t even aware of the sweet mom-and-baby moment happening here, since they’re too preoccupied with her size and her clothing (or lack thereof).

The critics in the comments have a problem, first, with the fact that the model mom shared an underwear photo — one that Baldwin specified was snapped by her (apparently skilled!) 7-year-old daughter, Carmen.

“Kids copy and no it’s not ok for a 7 year old posing in a bikini or anything else for pictures,” wrote one angsty Karen who has apparently never taken a family beach snapshot in her life.

Others complained that Baldwin’s photo was simply “fishing for compliments” (which, honestly, isn’t that…what most of social media is anyway?). Regardless, the compliments did pour in, but they were just as problematic as the criticisms.

“Your body is incredible! No wonder @alecbaldwininsta gave you 5 kids, you just keep looking better and better,” says one glowing commenter review. Um, ew though: Alec Baldwin “gave” her kids because of…how her body looks? Not because she’s, you know, a pretty incredible parent?

“Who looks this good ( and thin!) so soon after having a baby!?” reads another incredulous compliment-cum-insult.

“It would be a Christmas miracle if everyone’s body could snap back like that after having children,” writes another. One commenter even insists that Baldwin is “genetically superior” to the rest of us who don’t have toned limbs and a flat belly a few months after a human exits our torso. Right.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: There is no such thing as “everyone” when it comes to postpartum bodies. “Everyone” does not “snap back,” everyone does not get thin — or small or big or soft or round or stretch-marked or muscled or…the list goes on, truly forever. There is no one-size-fits all with pergnancy, birth and parenting, and that’s certainly true whether you gain 40lbs or lose 48. Sorry to spoil it for the trolls trying to suss out a theme here, but it’s all normal, and it always will be.

So can we please just turn the comments on Hilaria’s Instagram photo away from obsessive body analysis and back to, you know, the important topics at hand — like whether or not Eduardo looks like a tomato? Thanks.

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