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Christina Milian Bares Belly in the Tiniest Bikini, Because Pregnancy Is Beautiful

We think a pregnant body is something to be proud of, and clearly Christina Milian agrees. The actor-singer-entrepreneur just shared a photo and videos of her pregnant self in the tiniest of bikinis. And, sure, she was doing it as part of her paid partnership with Fashion Nova, but also, it’s great encouragement for all the pregnant people out there to bare their bumps.

Milian posted the Instagram photo and videos of herself emerging from a clear, blue-green sea while she was in Mauritius. And yes, we are dying of envy, but maybe it helps a tiny bit to know that she wasn’t on vacation in the gorgeous Indian Ocean locale, and was working on a Netflix movie produced by Alicia Keys? Oh, never mind, still envious.

Milian announced earlier this month that she’s expecting her third child, her second with boyfriend Matt Pokora, less than a year after giving birth to son Isaiah. Before making the announcement, she had been posting quite a few photos of herself. Now that we know how pregnant she was at the time, we are mighty impressed with the subtle, clever ways she hid that bump. That’s some Mindy Kaling-level use of the Force.

Now Milian is back at home in Los Angeles, where she told SheKnows she was excited to be celebrating the holidays with her 10-year-old daughter Violet and the rest of their family. In our interview, she also expressed what a helpful big sister Violet has been. We hope she keeps that up now that she’ll have two little siblings in the house!

“[A]t this point, I just want them to have as much closeness as they possibly can before she’s out of the house at some point,” Milian said. “She’s honestly such a great daughter and a big sister. She cares so much and she cares so much for me as a mom, too, making sure that I’m good. She’s very helpful.”

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Pospartum boudoir photography

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