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Katherine Schwarzenegger Is Determined to Master This Mom Skill for Her Daughter’s First Christmas

All things considered, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt is one of those people who’s had a mostly good 2020: She released her fourth book, The Gift of Forgiveness, launched a podcast of the same name, and, oh yeah, welcomed her first daughter, Lyla Maria, with husband Chris Pratt. That’s not to say it has been an easy year, of course, and now Schwarzenegger Pratt is facing the challenge many of us are: how to celebrate the holidays, social distance-style.

Schwarzenegger Pratt spoke to SheKnows about how she’s not letting the pandemic or a 4-month-old baby prevent her from cooking up a storm, especially as she’s partnered with Planet Oat to share some plant-based party recipes. She also shared how she’s managed to connect to mom friends, safely, during this very strange year to be a first-time mom.

SheKnows: What are you doing for the holidays this year?

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt: Well, we’re all in quarantine during this holiday season, so I’m getting creative and finding ways to still celebrate the holidays and celebrate this time of year in a safe and healthy way. And I’m really excited to be able to incorporate these oat milk recipes with Planet Oat and have that be a part of my holiday season this year.

SK: Are you podded up with extended family? What kind of celebration size do you think you’ll be able to have?

KSP: We all live pretty close together, but we kind of take it day by day as we lead up to Christmas to determine what we’re going to be doing for the actual holidays, because the cases in L.A. are really bad right now. And we’re all being mindful of staying healthy and being safe. So we’ll see what our holiday will look like as we get a little bit closer to Christmas.

SK: It’s like we can’t even plan anymore, right?

KSP: I know, that’s another one of the many life lessons of quarantine: letting go a little bit of any plans that you might have had or think that you might have.

SK: How different will your celebration be from what you would have on a normal Christmas?

KSP: I think everything seems to be different this year, obviously. But I think, for us, the holiday season is all about family and being together. And being together around food is a huge part of that for everybody — whether that’s being together physically, or finding ways to drop things off, or be with each other at a distance, is something that we’re going to have to determine. But I definitely know that cooking is going to be a big part of my holiday season this year, and sharing all these really fun recipes with my family.

SK: Have you found new ways to cook with the baby around? Can you plop her in the high chair yet?

KSB: She’s not old enough yet to be in a high chair, but being a mom, you need to learn how to multitask, and I’m definitely learning that. Being the oldest in my family, I’ve learned to multitask pretty well as I’ve gotten older … but definitely when you have a newborn, you learn it on a whole different level. But it’s such a joy and so much fun. It’s a really exciting time, to be able to have the first holiday season be happening right now for her.

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SK: The interviews you did on Instagram Live talking about postpartum depression with Nikki Bella and Dr. Christine Sterling were so helpful. What made you decide to do that?

KSP: [After] giving birth to my daughter in August, it was important to me to be able to connect with a lot of my friends and also to learn about a lot of other people’s experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. And I know that postpartum depression was one of the top topics that people wanted to know more about. It was really exciting for me to be able to learn more about that, not only for me, but also just to be able to connect with other women in the space. … I feel really lucky to be able to just be newly introduced to this whole world.

SK: Every parent has questions like those, and you’re actually able to say, “Oh, here’s an expert I will talk to now.”

KSP: The whole community that you’re able to have access to on social media is really an amazing thing, especially for times like this, because you can reach out to people that you never would have been able to reach out to, and find people that are experts in certain areas. And we’re able to share that with other people and also learn myself.

SK: Have you have you found a way to make new mom friends at all while you’ve been quarantining?

KSP: Coincidentally, a lot of my friends have either become pregnant during quarantine or have also had kids. Being pregnant and having a baby during a pandemic is very unique, and to have support during that time, or people that you can also talk to and who will be able to relate to your experience has been really special.

SK: What’s your favorite way to to communicate with your friends these days?

KSP: Any way that I possibly can. I think just the most important thing is to be safe and healthy and mindful of the world that we live in right now. I think a lot of us started off this pandemic struggling with, How do you connect and how do you deal with this new normal of life? And so I think it’s figuring out, if it’s text, phone call, face time, Zoom, doing a distance walk, or things like that. It’s been an interesting learning experience, to find different ways to connect.

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