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Taylor Hanson’s Seventh Baby is Here & Her Name Is…a Lot

If Taylor Hanson’s kids follow in their dad’s/uncles’ footsteps and start a family band, they’re officially going to be more than twice the size of their dad’s band, Hanson. That’s right: Taylor and wife Natalie Hanson just welcomed baby number seven (!!) and her name is a beautiful doozy.

“Meet our baby girl Maybellene Alma Joy, born Dec 7th 2020,” Taylor wrote on his Instagram this week, adding that “7 is a beautiful number.” It sure is — and what a beautiful face to go with it! Just look at this cutie, over on Mom’s IG too.

Now, Maybellene is a variant of the English name Mabel, which means loveable or easy to love — certainly true of this little gal. Alma means “good,” “spirit,” “soul,” and/or “loving.” And lastly, her second middle name, Joy, is self-explanatory. Yep, this is one loveable, loving, good, joyful soul. Talk about a good-vibes baby name.

“The process of choosing a name can be as unique as the name itself,” Natalie previously told People. “Sometimes the perfect name is a longtime love just waiting for the chance to be brought to life, other times you need to explore and patiently search out the name that is waiting for you to discover. Sometimes it’s a quick, unexpected moment of inspiration where you just know you’ve stumbled across the perfect name.”

So why did she pile on the positivity when it came to naming her newest addition?

“When choosing the names for my children, I tend to gravitate toward names that are unexpected, but translatable,” Natalie added. “I like to find gems that are still undiscovered enough to make people squirm just a little when they first hear it, but in time sound completely obvious. I love a name that reflects both mine and my husband’s taste — a little bit name-nerd, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll!”

Maybellene Alma Joy may indeed be a bit squirm-worthy for its length, but hey, any name ending with Hanson is going to sound a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. So, mission accomplished.

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