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These Most-Googled Babies of 2020 Satisfied Our Need for Cuteness

When Google recently released its top searches of the year, the top 10 babies were right up there alongside virus news, the election, and “WAP,” and we have a theory why. All of us have needed as much good news as we could get in 2020. What better way to feel hope that humanity will survive this mess we’ve made than to research adorable celebrity babies?

Thinking of the future must have truly driven the number 1 baby search of the year, “Elon Musk baby.” The offspring of the Space X/Tesla creator and otherworldly musician Grimes was bound to be someone their fans were curious about. When the little boy was born in May, they boosted interest in him even further by giving him a name probably more suited to a robot than a child, X Æ A-12, or X Æ A-XII as they later changed it to, to get by California name laws. Given the fact that little X is already composing music with AI software and his mom, we’ll probably be hearing more from him in the years to come.

Like Musk and Grimes, other celebrities lent their star power to their babies this year. Joining X in the top 10 were two surprise babies, Anderson Cooper’s son Wyatt (#4) and Cameron Diaz’s daughter Raddix (#9). Barbz were also actively searching for all they could about Nicki Minaj’s baby (#6), who was born in October — though she is keeping most details about her son, including his name, shrouded in mystery.

We know a little more about two other well-searched musical babies, Katy Perry’s daughter Daisy Dove (#7) and Ed Sheeran’s daughter Lyra Antarctica (#8).

You have probably noticed the other babies on this list are not human. Because this is the internet we’re talking about. The second most-searched baby was actually “baby platypus,” spurred by a viral pic of the cutest creature we’ve ever seen — though it turned out to be a sculpture. At number 3, “Ice Age baby” searches make us feel less happy about the world, as that’s in reference to a nonsensical, awful meme in which people have decided they hate the baby from Ice Age for no apparent reason. Baby Nut, the reincarnation of Planter’s Mr. Peanut who debuted in a Super Bowl commercial, landed at number 5. And any parent of a toddler should be not at all surprised to see CoComelon baby in 10th place.

To all the tiny babes on this list, human and not, congratulations and thanks for satisfying our need for cuteness this year! We hope you’re not too let down by the fact that there is probably not going to be a top 10 “toddler” search next year.

These celebrities made sure their babies are very search-worthy thanks to their unusual names.

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