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Matthew McConaughey’s Daughter Vida Thinks Her Dad Needs to Be More ‘Trusting’

Parents seem to always have advice for their kids. But the parent-child relationship isn’t one-sided, and sometimes hearing your kid’s thoughts on what you need to work on can be beneficial. Matthew McConaughey can attest to this; in a video clip (shared by People) of McConaughey’s recent appearance on Why Not Now? with Amy Jo Martin, 10-year-old Vida briefly and adorably invades the interview to give her actor father some constructive criticism.

When Martin asks McConaughey one lesson he finds himself having to relearn, again and again, the actor replies, “We learn lessons — we know they’re right, we know they’re true, [but] activating them and having them instinctively become a habit is a different thing.”

The Oscar winner then pauses before turning to his daughter (who is in the same room off-camera) and asks, “What’s one lesson I have to keep on learning over and over? What do I keep repeatedly having [to be] like, Ah, I have to learn that one again?”

Turning to her dad, Vida answers, “Trusting, I guess, when you correct us. A lot of times you’ll correct us and then you’ll come back and you explain why you corrected us,” Vida says matter-of-factly of herself and her brothers Levi and Livingston.

“But usually, we’re just like…” Vida trails off and her dad finishes her sentence: “‘We got it the first time,'” McConaughey says of his apparently quick-learning kids — with a sheepish smile.

So what exactly is the lesson McConaughey has to learn time and time again, according to Vida?

“Trusting that they got it the first time,” the Dazed and Confused actor laughs.

Hey, trusting that someone has heard our words and will take them into account without having to be reminded? That’s a lesson we could all use to learn.

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