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Emily Blunt Says Her Daughter Has Developed ‘The Craziest’ Cockney Accent

All the kids we know who’ve grown up stateside with British parents have kind of mixed-up accents — mostly American with some Britishisms thrown in for adorable measure. It seems that a combination of pandemic circumstances and work has given Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s daughters an opportunity to sound a bit more like their mum this year.

“We’ve been in London from August,” Blunt said to Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night, explaining that they’ve been in her hometown for work. That’s meant that instead of remote or hybrid schooling like so many American children, 6-year-old Hazel and 4-year-old Violet have been going to school in person.

“They’ve actually been in a proper school with school uniforms, and miraculously, they’re sounding quite British, which I’m completely over the moon about,” Blunt said.

For reasons unknown, Violet isn’t picking up that posh BBC accent you might expect from the daughter of a famous Brit.

“My little one sent me a video — or someone sent it of her singing ‘Jingle Bells,’ and she goes, Jingle oll duh woay, almost like a Cockney. It was almost like Dick Van Dyke singing ‘Jingle Bells.’ The craziest accent ever — it was kind of brilliant.”

Though they’ve been out of the house for school lately, Blunt has said that quarantining with her kids this year has actually helped her handle 2020.

“Being around little ones during the pandemic was such a saving grace, because they would just be bouncing around the house, and your job is to protect them from what is happening and make sure their life remains joyful,” she told People earlier this week. “That was a pretty great lifeline for John and me during the pandemic, for sure.”

Maybe Blunt should stream recordings of little Violet singing Christmas carols for the rest of us, so we can all get a hit of that joy.

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