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Katy Perry Flashes Her Postpartum Body in TikTok Fashion Show

We don’t know everything about Katy Perry’s postpartum experience, but from what she’s been showing us, she’s a lot like most moms we know — only she’s having a lot more fun with some of motherhood’s inconveniences and indignities. On Sunday night, Perry treated fans to a TikTok fashion show featuring her postpartum Spanx.

In the video, Perry does a model strut in a dressing room, wearing a shiny blue trench coat. She’s accompanied by the song “Whatever Lola Wants,” a confident, sexy soundtrack if ever we heard one. The words “power,” “attitude,” “style,” “confidence,” and “sex” appear on the screen around her, before she punctuates the video with a surprise, lifting up her coat to show her Spanx body suit.

We love seeing her show off that postpartum body, which is probably a little different from her usual pop-star shape and has every right to be. And before anyone thinks she’s donning Spanx to conform to some skinny standard, we must point out that for many, supportive undergarments and postpartum belly wraps are more comfortable than loose ones as our core muscles recover from pregnancy.

On TikTok and Instagram, Perry captioned the video #whatmakesawoman, a reference to her song by the same name from her latest album Smile, and #foryou. That means this isn’t a post paid for by Spanx. Rather it’s Perry giving a shout out to all the other women, mothers and not mothers, who are not going to fit into one category for what women should look and feel like.

After frequently showing herself using her breast pump and looking like a typically exhausted mother, despite being, you know, KATY PERRY, this latest video is another great moment of honesty.

Last week, Perry shared that she has also been meditating to get through the exhaustion and sleep deprivation of caring for a baby.

“My daughter — she’s such a gift — but there is sometimes a challenge concerning sleep no matter how much support you have,” Perry told Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness during an online event for Transcendental Meditation. “There’s been so many different ways TM has blessed me, but in this particular moment, as a new mother, I take 20 minutes.”

We bet an impromptu fashion show or two has been helping restore Perry to her old self too!

These gorgeous photos show moms who love their postpartum bodies.

Pospartum boudoir photography

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