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Katy Perry Says There’s One Thing That’s Allowing Her to Get the “Deepest Rest” With a Newborn

New mama’s know having a baby changes you in more ways than one. One of the biggest adjustments? Getting acclimated to your new sleeping schedule. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed Daisy Dove into the world back in August and since then has been incredibly candid (as she was during her pregnancy journey) about her experience as a first-time mom. In a virtual “Meditate America” event on Thursday, Perry admitted to Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness that she’s struggling to catch some zzz’s lately. Although she hasn’t caught up on her sleep yet, the “Never Really Over” singer shared one thing that’s helping her get the “deepest rest” she desperately needs: transcendental meditation.

“I’m a new mother. My daughter — she’s such a gift — but there is sometimes a challenge concerning sleep no matter how much support you have,” she said during the event. “But where am I going to get those six hours that I used to get? Where did it go?”

That’s where transcendental meditation comes in to play and has kept the sleep-deprived mother sane. The meditation process has helped Perry find time to take a break during the day.

“There’s been so many different ways TM has blessed me, but in this particular moment, as a new mother, I take 20 minutes,” she explained. Perry shared that TM is responsible for “the deepest rest” when she is “desperate for as a reset,” adding that it has also helped her manage her depression and anxiety.

Luckily, it seems as though Daisy Dove has been taking a cue from her zen parents. In an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month, Bloom revealed that he has his own trick for getting their newborn to sleep through the night.

“I chant ‘Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō,’ which is this Buddhist mantra I’ve had since I was 16,” Bloom told DeGeneres.

He added: “When I’m walking around with her, I will chant in her ear and she likes it, she responds to it very nicely.”

Looks like the trio might be able to catch up on sleep sometime soon after all. Fingers crossed!

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