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JWoww’s Son With Autism Is ‘Crushing’ His Reading Lessons

Since Jenni “JWoww” Farley first revealed her son’s autism diagnosis two years ago, we’ve seen little Greyson grow into a delightful 4-year-old boy. The Jersey Shore star is quite the dedicated mom to him and her older daughter Meilani, and she’s working hard to break the stigma of children with differences. That’s why we’re celebrating a new milestone Farley shared on Instagram this week: Greyson is reading!

“@greysonmathews KEEPS CRUSHING IT,” JWoww captioned the video of Greyson reading flashcards on the floor.

Note here that even in full mom mode, Farley maintains the self-confident sense of humor that made her a reality-TV star. Who else would be demonstrating her son’s reading skills with cards that read, “My mom is fun”?

“I cry every time I watch this 🙏🏽,” she added, tagging We Care Autism Services, a provider of applied behavior analysis therapy in New Jersey. ABA often involves many hours of therapy a week, working on everything from communication to motor skills to academic goals using positive reinforcement. It’s also a source of controversy to some, who feel it can be too intense and focuses too much on making kids seem “normal.”

All we can say is that it’s a joy to see any 4-year-old reading. Kids on and off the spectrum learn to read at a wide range of ages. And if you need more sunshine in your life today, we highly recommend visiting Farley’s YouTube channel for her videos with him and 6-year-old Meilani. His fascination with demigorgons from Stranger Things is adorable.

“I feel very confident as a parent to put out all the milestones, and I really just want to break the stigma, but at the same time, there are always those backseat driver parents,” JWoww told People earlier this year of why she’s open about Greyson being on the autism spectrum and having OCD, despite the mom-shamers. “I really do want to help parents out there, and I really do want to make a difference. So when my son is older, even if the OCD tendencies are still there, the stigma is gone.”

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