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Jade Roper-Tolbert Shows Off Her Beautiful Post-Baby Bump & Postpartum Undies

What does a person’s body look like in the weeks after giving birth? Certainly nothing like it did pre-pregnancy! This is a topic more and more parents are finally talking about, and more celebrities are giving us a glimpse of their postpartum bodies so everyone knows what they really look like. Bachelor alumna Jade Roper Tolbert just gave birth to her third child, Reed, a little over a week ago, and she showed off her post-baby bump on Instagram.

“After my pregnancy with Emmy, I was totally caught off guard with all things regarding my body and healing during the fourth trimester!” Roper Tolbert wrote of her first child in a post sponsored by Frida Mom. “No one prepared me for engorged breasts or the uterine cramping while breastfeeding or that I’d be matching my baby in diapers for weeks, too!”

In the selfie, Roper-Tolbert holds son Reed, who was born at home on November 14, and wears a bra and a pair of postpartum underwear, revealing a belly that’s still perfectly round — because bodies are not made of rubber and take time to readjust after childbirth.

Roper Tolbert joins others famous mothers like Ashley Graham who have modeled their extra comfy Frida Mom postpartum gear.

“Now that this is my third postpartum experience, and although each experience is its own unique one, I’ve done more research this time around and have felt like I have a few more resource tools under my belt to help me feel stronger and more gracious towards myself during this precious and transformational time period,” Roper Tolbert continued. “I’m also so thankful for brands like @fridamom that open up conversations about postpartum and who also support new moms with helpful products like their super comfortable postpartum underwear that stretch and protect while us mamas heal! ❤️ What was one thing postpartum no one told you about?”

Last week, Frida Mom also launched another public service for postpartum moms: a library of uncensored photos of “Milk-Makin’ Boobs.” With all the pregnancy content out there, it’s about time we have these real conversations about what happens to our bodies next.

These public breastfeeding photos show just how badass postpartum bodies are.

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