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Angry Mom Wants Teacher to Tell Kids ‘No One’ Won Presidential Election

Teachers are such heroes. We have all rediscovered that this year, and we’re really appreciating it even more after someone shared the phone call between a third-grade teacher and a parent who objected to the way she taught students about the electoral college results of the 2020 presidential election. While the mom lectures her about the fact that certain camps won’t accept the current vote count, the teacher responds with nothing but angelic patience and courtesy.

The video, posted to the Reddit forum Public Freakout, shows an electoral map with each state colored red or blue according to the projected winner of each state. Every major news outlet has declared Joe Biden the president-elect. Even though there is currently a recount under way in Georgia, and Trump still has some lawsuits pending in several states, he has very little chance of changing the results. That is, unless your source of news is Trump’s Twitter feed, Rudy Giuliani, or one of the right-wing sites that are shilling conspiracy theories. This mom believes ONLY such sources, and she thinks the kids should have made some of the states gray or crossed out on their map.

We are in awe of the teacher’s ability to answer, “I understand your concern, and thank you for sharing your concerns, and I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”

But this mother doesn’t want the teacher to talk to her son alone, she wants her version of alternative facts to be the curriculum.

“This answer, who won the election — the answer was nobody! Not Joe Biden,” the mom says, her pitch rising.

She disapproves of the teacher using the electoral map that shows up as a Google result (which is from the Associated Press, not a biased organization). The mom cites her own sources as “the National Archives” and the right-wing One America News Network. The National Archives does not post the electoral college results until “after Congress counts the electoral votes on January 6, 2021,” its site states. Meanwhile, OAN has maps that look like this:

OAN election results

We understand that politics are a heated topic right now. But if teachers can’t even speak about who actually won the election, the state of our democracy is in more danger than we previously thought. Good for this teacher for daring to mention facts. We really hope her school administration sticks up for her, too.

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