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Teen Mom‘s Kailyn Lowry Admits Her Kids Walked in on Her Having Sex

For parents, talking with our kids about sex is crucial — albeit a potentially embarrassing conversation. Some parents may dread the sex talk, some may look forward to educating their kids about this part of life in a sex-positive, shame-free way. But something even the most sex-positive of parents dread? Your kids actually walking in on you while you’re having sex.

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry revealed this week that she experienced just such a nightmare.

On a new episode of Lowry’s podcast Baby Mamas No Drama, Lowry admitted her kids walked in on her doing the deed. Discussing the awkward moment, she told co-host Vee Rivera that she’s probably “scarred for life” but has managed to survive by recognizing sex is just “fucking life.”

Lowry’s revelation occurred when she and Rivera began candidly discussing how they manage to find time for sex at all, as busy working parents. That’s when Lowry, who is a mother of four, hesitantly confirmed that she has “definitely been walked in on” during sex.

“I won’t tell the story because I don’t want to put my kids on blast,” Lowry explained. “I think I’m more scarred [than they are] though.”

“Like, I’m more scarred for life than they are because I’m like, fuck, if they didn’t have questions before, I don’t know if they do. So, do I need to address them?”

Rivera, who is married to Lowry’s ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, then asked if Lowry would be upset if her and Jo’s son Isaac walked in on his dad and stepmom having sex — and then went back to his mom, Lowry, with questions. Yeah, we almost got lost following all that as well.

“How would you even handle that?” asked Rivera.

Lowry responded by saying that she “wouldn’t be mad,” because sex is just a normal part of life.

“It’s fucking life, and that’s the thing I worry sometimes about talking about things like this on the podcast because I feel like I’m scared someone’s going to call CPS, you know? But it’s really part of fucking life.”

Psychotherapist Shirin Peykar previously told SheKnows how important it is to have a clear, positive talk with kids about sex — especially if they walk in on you (without accurate information, young kids may assume the worst, ie that parents engaged in sex are fighting or hurting each other). “Parents should be ready for questions and comments from children…which can be an informative conversation for children,” Peykar explains. “This can facilitate the opportunity to teach younger children boundaries about their bodies. Children can develop a positive view of sexuality through their parents’ modeling of their comfort with it. This can cultivate a positive view of a child’s own sexuality in the future.”

As for Lowry’s experience, the MTV star ended by saying, “we’re all human” before revealing that when she was younger, she actually walked in on her own parents having sex. “I didn’t think anything of it then, but looking back on it now, I’m like, Oh, that’s what that was.”

The best thing you can do to prepare your kids for any unintended mid-romp run-ins? Have the sex talk with them early and often — so you can answer any questions before they come face-to-face with anything sex-related IRL.

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