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These Photos of Real Moms’ Breasts Show There’s No Normal When it Comes to Nursing

No matter how much you may intellectually prepare yourself for your breasts’ changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding, they’re still probably going to surprise you. After a lifetime of looking at those mostly ornamental glands, they’re suddenly ready to fulfill their purpose — and they will look weird, even to their owners. But Frida Mom is determined to make that weirdness seem a little more normal, by publishing an uncensored photo gallery of “Milk-Makin’ Boobs.”

A press release for Frida Mom informs us that the page was inspired in part by the public reaction to Cardi B’s accidental nude post in October. Nope, people weren’t all that shocked that the unabashed star (and former stripper) would show off her body, but some asked her point-blank about the size of her areolas.

“A lot of people are talking shit ‘cause I got some big-ass nipples but that just came with motherhood, I swear to God,” she said in an Instagram video explaining how she accidentally posted the photo.

Her post prompted many women, mothers or not, to flash their boobs to the internet with the hashtag #BoobsOutforCardi. Now Frida Mom is getting in on the action with some graphic pics of its own. After having broken the taboo of talking about vaginal postpartum recovery (while advertising its peri bottle, underwear, and numbing spray, of course), this seems like a pretty logical next step in opening up conversation about what our bodies go through to create and nurture new life.

“It seemed that many people had never seen a real post-pregnancy boob before,” reads the Frida Mom press release. “And that’s actually no one’s fault: images of REAL boobs are hard to come by – impossible even. They’re not readily available on the internet, or shown in films, or taught in your sex-ed class.”

So, to that purpose, as of Wednesday morning, curious moms-to-be and anyone else who cares to can click over to the Frida Mom page and see examples of leaky and crusty boobs, “about-to-pop” boobs covered in veins, stretch-mark-covered breasts, deflated “after the party’s over” asymmetrical breasts, and dinner-plate-size nipples and areolas like Cardi B’s.

“Your areolas may shrink again post-birth, or not,” says the caption. “Now you know.”

We’re hoping they eventually add to the page, because there are so many other variations of milk makin’ (and done-milk-makin;) boobs out there. They could add some less-than-pretty photos of bleeding and cracked nipples, mastitis-suffering breasts, and three-years-postpartum pancakes if they really want to tell the whole story here.

Anyway, breasts are incredible body parts, aren’t they?

These moms fought to make sure everyone knows we have a right to breastfeed in public.

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