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What Can We Read Into Olivia Wilde’s Sweet Photo of Her Kids After Split?

Over the weekend, we learned the sad news that Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis had ended their engagement after seven years, but that the split had actually come earlier in 2020. This sent us scrambling back to look at Wilde’s social media account for clues about how she and their kids, 6-year-old Otis and 4-year Daisy, are doing. Through the filter of happy Instagram, it seems the exes are co-parenting well, but not in any kind of over-exaggerated way.

“My everythings,” Wilde wrote on an Instagram stories pic of both children wearing masks at a farm on Saturday. She also shared a photo of herself getting cuddly with a horse.

A majority of Wilde’s Instagram account is devoted to either promoting political causes — she’s a fierce fighter for women’s rights and racial equality — and to her professional life, as she starts directing the thriller Don’t Worry Darling. But occasionally, we do see sweet pics of Otis and Daisy. Frankly, they show up in her feed much less than most moms we know. It looks like life is going on rather smoothly for everyone, even amid the pandemic.

This is in contrast to our observations in recent weeks of certain other famous fathers we’ve seen, who are very keen on snapping pics of their good times spent with the kids after separating from their moms. (Sudeikis, by the way, does not have a public social media account.) The phenomenon of superdad social media posts is pretty easy to explain. Some are motivated simply by having more undivided time with their children; others might be motivated to show off their kid time for the purposes of divorce and custody settlements and public image boost.

“Separations are a high-stress time for everyone involved, so it is often the case that parents try to compensate for that stress by doing more fun activities with the kids when they have their solo time with them,” family attorney Tiffany Hughes told SheKnows recently.

Since People reported that Wilde and Sudeikis are amicably co-parenting their children, maybe Wilde and her kids were enjoying a horse-farm visit on a beautiful fall day just because.

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