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This Poop Tattoo Is the Latest Proof Parents Have Really Lost It

In case you didn’t already know that parents are losing their minds in 2020, the internet has provided us with new proof. A parent recently got a sentimental tattoo on their leg to honor their six children, and it is the grossest tattoo we have ever seen: six pieces of poop, along with the names of each child.

“I got my little turds tatted on the back of my leg… I [heart] every stinking one of them,” reads a Facebook post with the user name blocked out. Reddit user cowboy_hog shared the post in four different subreddits, identifying it as “a family member’s new tattoo.”

Your first instinct upon simply reading this would probably be to call this fake, but the photo is mighty realistic, complete with reddish skin on the leg distinctive of a fresh tattoo. The names Lila, Silas, Chase, Lilliana, Riley, and Bobby appear next to individually crafted pieces of feces, as well as a few flies, for good measure. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, eat your hearts out.

Reddit is suitably grossed out.

“I wonder if she used stool samples from each of her children to get the realistic variation in size and shape?” doodlebugcupcake wrote in the r/Trashy forum. “Silas, let mama take a pic of your poop before you flush it so I can get it on my leg.”

It’s unclear whether this is a father, mother, or nonbinary parent (though many have assumed it’s a man’s leg). This is also a pretty good argument for it being a father: “I think it’s the dad because it sounds like an awful dad joke,” WynnGwynn wrote.

Someone else took the opportunity to poke fun at other awful tattoos parents get: “Is it better than ‘live, laugh, love’?” gelfbride73 asked.

Well, it’s actually not the worst tattoo we’ve ever seen, because nazis, but it’s up there. And on the bright side, it’s good to know that this person really loves their kids, corny poop and all.

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