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Dad Supports 13-Year-Old Flipping Off Racist Karen at Target for the Best Reason

Here’s the thing about some racist Karens — they’re often “concerned” bystanders whose racial bias is so ingrained in them, they truly don’t realize they’re being racist Karens. So, we don’t mind so much hearing that a 13-year-old girl helpfully took it upon herself to inform one of this fact, especially after she basically accused the girl’s Black father of kidnapping her.

Here’s the story, as told on Reddit by Papabear_AITA, who says he is Black, has a white-Mexican wife, two biological children, and three adopted children: “So I was at Target shopping with they of my daughters (13F and 7F); they are both adopted from China. As we were looking at clothes for my 7-year-old, a woman (I’ll call Linda, just seems fitting) came up to us and said, ‘Excuse me, are you their babysitter because I’m sure their parents would want you to be distancing?’ I replied, ‘I’m their father.'”

So, already we hate this lady for deciding she needed to tell someone about social distancing. What is she even doing inside a Target if she’s so worried?

“She looked shocked and then turned to my 7-year-old, who has extreme social anxiety, and said, ‘Honey, is this man your father?’ My 7-year-old didn’t reply and just turned and hugged my leg. Linda rolled her eyes and turned to my 13-year-old and asked the same thing.”

We remind you that this is a man who was buying his daughter clothing in the middle of a popular store, not someone acting shady in a shady place. Papabear said he gets this kind of microaggression a lot, but the woman was taking her suspicions next level. Even when the 13-year-old said he was her father, the woman wanted her to step away from him to confirm as much again, to which the dad said nope, he would like to stay with his children. The 13-year-old responded annoyed with, “He’s my dad. What do you want me to say? Can we keep shopping now?”

At this point, a Target employee came by and told “Linda” to leave the family alone. Linda even tried to get the employee to make Papabear show ID to prove he had the girls’ last name — which, what forms of identification are a 7- and 13-year-old going to be carrying with them? Thankfully, the Target employee was not onboard with this awfulness.

It all sounds like a terrible thing for the girls to have to go through, which is why we love this conclusion. In the parking lot, as they pass huffy Linda, “My 13-year-old gave her the finger and called her a ‘racist b*tch.'” Papabear didn’t reprimand her for it, but after relaying the story to his sister, he wonders if he should have.

Most of the AITA Reddit forum thinks the girl’s gesture was just fine.

“Save swearing for special occasions. This qualifies,” uglykitten2020 wrote.

“I probably would have given your daughter a high-five!” animemommy said. “She should feel empowered to stick up for her family. Yes, the parental thing to do would be to have a discussion about name calling and the like….but in that situation I don’t think she did anything wrong.”

Many comments echoed this from LadySilverdragon: “If the lady didn’t want to be called a racist bitch, she should have acted less racist and bitchy.”

While one Redditor did bring up a recent story of a bystander rescuing a girl from being kidnapped on her way to school in the U.K., we say, again, that this dad and his daughters were shopping for clothing in Target.

One person recalled being in the daughters’ position as a child. “I’m a white-passing mixed child myself,” PurpleFlavoredCherry wrote. “My mother is the immigrant. There have been many times where people have behaved disgustingly towards my mother and assumed she was my nanny/refused to believe she was my biological mother. I wish I had the courage your daughter had to put them in their place when I was younger. She was being a racist, and I’m glad your children know that they don’t need to put up with that.”

Parents, make your own calls about what rules to enforce when it comes to curse words, but we agree that the real lesson these girls have absorbed is that their dad will stand up for himself and his right to protect them, even when the world is a racist, scary place. Also, here is a bit of much more constructive expert advice on talking to teens about microaggression.

Do your part to raise the next generation right, follow these celebs who talk to their kids about racism.

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