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Joanna Gaines Has a New Children’s Book for the Weird Kids — & You Can Preorder it on Amazon

If you haven’t already read We Are the Gardeners, the children’s book Fixer Upper and Magnolia magnate Joanna Gaines wrote with her kids Drake, Duke, Emmie Kay and Ella Rose, get on it. It’s so adorable and soothing and green-space-y and quarantine-perfect. But if you and your kids have read through that one a million times already (and even if you haven’t), there’s a brand new Gaines kids book in town, and you can preorder it now.

“The message is about owning all the things that make you who you are,” Gaines told People in this week’s print issue of her latest publication, the beautifully illustrated The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be. The message in question is telling kids that everything that makes them, well, weird is what makes them wonderful.

“As a little girl, there were times where I felt like I wasn’t accepted. I allowed other kids’ words to get into my head and my heart. But as an adult, I look back and I realize those moments were just time wasted — me not fully being who I was created to be. This book is meant to be a simple reminder to fully live out your unique gifts and quirks.”

'The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be' $17.99 on Buy now

Gaines first posted about the book, which launches later this month, back in July.

I wanted my new children’s book to say the very thing that I needed to hear as a kid, and that I want my kids to hear and know deep in their bones, and that I hope your kids will hear and believe, too: The world needs who you were made to be—with all of the kindness and strength and unique qualities that make you who you are.”

A message all of us “kids” of any age need to hear on this oh-so stressful Election Day/morning-after/anticipation week from hell. Here’s to a kinder country for all of us, starting oh-so soon. (Please, Universe?)

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