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Do Gamblers Know What Princess Eugenie’s Naming Her Baby?

Since I’m not into gambling at all, most betting baffles me, but I wonder if I’m not alone in being confused about this concept: People are placing bets on which baby names Princess Beatrice and husband Jack Brooksbank will choose for their first child, due early next year. That is a seriously strange thing to win or lose money on, but it’s definitely a thing. And even though we won’t be placing any bets, it’s interesting to look at the odds to see where people think the royal couple will go with their baby name choice.

The current favorite royal baby names are Alice for a girl, and Henry or Arthur for a boy, all with 9/1 odds, according to BetVictor, as reported by People. The reasoning behind these names is pretty solid: Alice is both a name that’s grown in popularity in the U.K. over recent years, and it was the name of her paternal grandfather Prince Philip’s mother. Henry is, of course, also a family name (see: Prince Harry, and all those kings), as is Arthur, which happens to be the middle name of Princes Charles, William, and Louis.

The question is, would someone with a beautiful name that bucks tradition like Eugenie want to give her own child the same name as so many relatives? We have our doubts. After all, the last time the betting houses set odds for this royal family, they were also expecting a baby Arthur. They didn’t count on Harry and Meghan throwing those traditional lists out the window and choosing Archie.

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But, if Eugenie is less interested in forging her own name path, these are the other expected routes: Grace (14/1), Victoria (14/1), Alexandra (14/1), Diana (18/1), and Isabella (22/1), for a girl; and Thomas (12/1), Godfrey (14/1), George (18/1), and Charles (20/1) for a boy. Thomas is Brooksbank’s father’s name. (We presume that Andrew is pretty low down on the list these days.)

We’re not sure what information BetVictor’s gamblers have to make its odds different from Ladbrokes’ early predictions. Back in September after Eugenie announced the news of her pregnancy, that company heavily favored Victoria and Arthur at 5/1, according to Yahoo News. Their list also included Grace (6/1), James (6/1), Arabella (7/1), Alice (7/1), Edward (7/1), Florence (8/1), Albert (8/1) and Frederick (8/1). We are also quite interested in fact that Matilda, Hugo, and Tarquin weren’t too far behind.

Can you even imagine if someone other than the friends and family attending your baby shower were placing money on your baby name? And would you think about the suggestions on those odds lists if you knew they were, or would you choose something completely different, just to show that you’re not some race horse?

Anyone placing bets on these celebrities’ baby names probably lost big.

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