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Real Kids Model Festive Holiday Looks for All Genders

Home for the HolidaysWe’re past Halloween and Election Day, which means…Hanukkah and Christmas, right?! At least that’s what the advertisers and store displays would have you think. But whether or not you’re busting out the mistletoe already, you have to admit it’s quite quickly become a cold, dark world out there. And what better way to brighten it up than with some festive holiday fashion for kids of all genders?

Whether your kids are little traditionals (fans of a Nutracker-ready red bow tie or holiday plaid pajamas, perhaps?) or gender-bending sparkle kids, one thing we love about holiday fashion is that there are no wrong answers. Regardless of your kids’ age, style, gender, fancy vs. casual quotient, holiday of choice, or even the celebration weather (who needs a white Christmas when you can swap it for a warm-weather vacation?), we’ve rounded up festive holiday outfits for kids that are guaranteed to impress.

And who better to model some of the chicest holiday outfits out there than real-life kids who know what’s what? Ahead, find your December’s worth of kid clothes — for night and day, party and playtime — plus where to shop looks just like them.

Classic dress-up

Shalyce Tyson kids

“Cool Cam is how I would describe my son, Cameron,” mom Shalyce Tyson tells SheKnows. “From wearing formal wear with sneakers to athletic wear with fresh kicks, I love his cool, versatilite style. I find myself often saying ‘too cute Cass’ to my daughter Cassidy. She loves all the frills and glam, picking out her own clothes (with purses to match), and having a cohesive look from head to toe. A mini fashionista indeed.”

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For another traditionalist holiday option that’s not quite as dressy as Tyson’s kids’ at-the-ballet looks, you can always go preppy-chic like Mandy Smith’s kids of Polite as Fudge. All you need? Blazers, bows, and plenty of J.Crew.

J.Crew Kids Plaid Dress $27.50 Buy now

Matching jammies

‘Tis a long-standing holiday tradition to deck the family in matching jams, no? You can go all out with santa-and-reindeer-emoji-dotted options like Toitime’s kids below, or stick with red plaid for a more all-season (and all-ages) look like Rowen and Boston above.

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Toitime kids

“My little bits, as I call them, have style for days! Between loving to pose it up, they are very different, even when I match them,” says mom and blogger Toitime Storr of Toitime. “Naila who is my oldest, 11, is all about sparkle and always likes to be in position for a pose. The youngest, Noelle, is the firecracker, and you’re not sure what you are gonna get. She would rather be in a picture all her own. My middle child, Marques Jr. Is chill and his fashion goes pretty smooth; as long as it’s clean he’s good.”

As mom Dana Shlomo writes, “Someone out there needs to make some Hannukah jammies!” But these blue-and-white Disney picks are a good stand-in in the meantime.

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A not-at-all ugly holiday sweater

Whoever said reindeer had to corner the market on winter-holiday animals? Dress your kid in a turtleneck sweater featuring a festive bear who’s cozied up in a sweater of his own. So meta — and so adorable.

Stitched Turtleneck Sweater $25.95 Buy now

Gender-neutral, warm-weather holidays

Whether you’re based in Miami year-round or just jetting to Mexico City for the holidays (yep, it’s open to Americans), ’tis the season — and ’tis a fact that it may not feel like the season at all, due to just how hot it is. But warm weather needn’t dampen your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa spirit: Strike a balance with festive florals or a pop of holiday red that says “sure I’m kind of sweaty, but it’s also CHRISTMAS, PEOPLE.” Check out these outfits for any-gender kids and year-round celebrations.

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My own son, below in his latest favorite party dress, was born on December 26, so we’ve made a tradition of taking a vacation for his Christmasbirthday. Whether we’re in Mexico or New Mexico, Cuba or the Carolinas, he will joyfully rock a frock and tell the naysayers who ask if he’s a girl to “get outta here!”

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Little Alijah Andrade knows how to get the best bang from his holiday duds, with a black-and-white Hawaiian shirt and killer red kicks that look sharp no matter where, no matter what season.

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