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Khloé Kardashian Credits Tristan Thompson for Parenting True While She Had COVID

It is so, so hard to take care of kids when you’re sick — even with a head cold! — so we were feeling Khloé Kardashian’s pain and relief as she handed over parenting duties to Tristan Thompson while she suffered from COVID-19. In Thursday night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé expressed how grateful she was to have True’s dad available to do his part.

“They don’t want me going near True,” Kardashian said on the show after she started showing symptoms of the coronavirus last spring. “Thank god Tristan’s in town.”

Though she didn’t have positive test results yet, doctors advised her to keep well away from 2-year-old True and self-isolate from everyone else in her household. This seems like an impossible feat for most parents, let alone single moms. In this case, the fact that Tristan had a separate home nearby was quite an advantage.

“No matter how sick I am, I’m still constantly focused and thinking about True,” Kardashian said. “So, having her dad here, it gives me a little more time that I could focus on just me trying to get better.”

She was able to watch dad and daughter play outside together during her quarantine, though.

“Not being able to be with your own child really sucks, ’cause she doesn’t know that it’s for her well-being,” she said.

While Kardashian live-tweeted the show on Thursday, she spoke to other mothers about what torture it was.

“This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do since being a mommy,” she tweeted.

Kardashian was also distressed by the fact that COVID-19 prevented her from being with BFF Malika Haqq as she went into labor.

“The fact that Malika went into labor when I had Covid is something I cannot even put into words!” she tweeted. “Having a baby during Covid must suck, and then not being able to support my best friend who’s there 4me through anything and everything is hard wrenching. Still I feel guilty.”

Thankfully, Kardashian said she has almost fully recovered from the virus now, though she still gets fatigued from time to time. Now, she wants all her fans to remember that COVID is real and scary.

“I hope everybody takes Covid seriously!” she tweeted. “Stay safe and protect yourselves and your families.”

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