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Jade Roper Tolbert Shares Gorgeous Nude Photo Shoot While Awaiting Baby #3

Don’t let it be said that Jade Roper Tolbert is one of those parents who treats their third child as anything less special than their first. The Bachelor alumna and influencer is celebrating this latest pregnancy more than many first-time moms we know, and it is a beautiful thing. As she enters the final weeks before her baby’s born, Roper Tobert shared a gorgeous nude photo to celebrate.

“For nine months, or ten moons, my womb will have expanded to house my sweet baby boy,” Roper Tolbert wrote on Instagram, accompanying a gorgeous professionally taken nude portrait. “I’m still so amazed there’s two hearts beating in my body right now, my heart beat being the first sound he’s ever heard. Getting closer and closer to holding him in my arms.”

Her photographer, Tiffany Allen, also posted the photo on her Instagram with some behind the scenes info.

“I had so much fun on this shoot because Jade literally let me try anything I wanted, and since we weren’t on a time constraint I could really let my creative juices flow,” she wrote. “I had NO idea how to get the leaves to work but I bought them anyway and trusted my instinct and even tho we had to photoshop this a little bit to make the leaves perfect, it turned out exactly like I had envisioned it.”

Allen also took the photos Roper Tolbert posted a month ago of herself wearing a bra, underwear, and giant angel wings. We’re not sure if this is from two different sessions or the same one, but she explained at the time why she felt it was important to get photos like these.

“This is (probably, most likely, trying to convince myself) our last baby, and I wanted to celebrate my body for all the amazing things it’s done these past 4 years of growing and loving and nurturing my babies,” Roper Tolbert wrote on Instagram in September.

Honestly, considering how moms wind up taking nothing but photos of their kids and partners, we like the idea of making sure someone’s photographing us once in a while, too.

Breastfeeding is another beautiful aspect of motherhood worth celebrating in photographs.

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