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Yes Hilaria Baldwin Shoved Her Belly Button Ring Back in Postpartum, Don’t @ Her

Hilaria Baldwin is a woman of many hats: Yoga teacher and studio owner, author, podcaster, influencer, mom of five. But she also isn’t ready to let go of her younger self, as she recently shared what she went through to put her belly button ring back in after giving birth to son Eduardo seven weeks ago. Her post about it on Instagram inadvertently also became a rallying cry to accept women’s postpartum bodies.

“The most important part of this video isn’t the whole how recently I had a baby thing and whether you think I’m too this or too that,” Baldwin wrote on the mirror selfie. “It’s not about my underwear, and it’s not about my skin, or the fact that I’m exhausted and have no interest in makeup … It’s about the fact that I lay on my back while my friend shoved my belly piercing back in while I clenched my teeth. So ’90s? Yup … and I’m 36, 5 kids, and still keeping it.”

Wow, that sounds super painful, but we all have something we need to remind us that we’re still the person we were 20 years ago. For some of us it’s a piercing, for others, it’s the CD collection we will not let go of despite not owning an actual CD player. The comments Baldwin received showed her she is definitely not alone in this.

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The pain and the sparkle 😂

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Funny enough Amanda Seyfried, who recently gave birth to her second child, a boy, in September, was one of the moms chiming in.

“I DID THE SAME THING LAST NIGHT. Needles and antibiotic ointment #NINETIESFOREVER,” Seyfried wrote.

But this being social media, there were naturally readers in the comments section raining on Baldwin’s fun, shaming her for having the wrong kind of postpartum body.

“With all due respect, you posted this to show how thin you are so quickly,” michelle1uu wrote. “No other reason. Kudos to you. Usually women gain weight from nursing bc they eat more calories. You don’t clearly. Or you don’t nurse. But why are you showing off? Is that helping other people? Or just making moms feel bad that they don’t even look like this after a year.”

Baldwin didn’t feel like letting that meanness slide. She took to her Instagram Stories to respond to another person who asked why she posted the photo in her underwear: “Because I have an almost 7 week old and I’m too tired to put my pants on right now.”

Responding to another since-deleted comment, she wrote, ” I’m one of the biggest cheerleaders for body positivity and love. One thing you MUST know is that it comes in ALL different shapes and sizes, MINE INCLUDED. I don’t judge anyone’s body. Would you applaud me in this post if I looked different? Think on that. Should I hide because of my body? I don’t do anything wrong to be ashamed of my figure. I don’t shame or hurt others … I don’t think I’m better or worse, I don’t tell people to look different. Or that how they naturally are is making me feel badly. So should someone say that to me? Should you say that to me?”

The answer, in case you were wondering, is no.

Baldwin and these other famous parents have been open about suffering miscarriages.

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