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Ashley Graham Admits to Tasting Her Breast Milk, Plus Kegel Fails

Ashley Graham has been very frank about her life as a new mom, but when she visited the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, guest host tWitch figured out how to get her to reveal even more. In a game of “Never Have I Ever,” Graham, tWitch, and wife Allison Holker got real honest about breastfeeding — breast milk taste-testing, specifically — postpartum “accidents,” and more.

The fun started when tWitch asked, “Never have I ever tried breast milk more than once.”

Graham emphatically showed the “Mama Has” side of her paddle. “Yes, I put a little bit — you know, just to try a little bit,” she said, miming taking a sip. “It tastes good!”

Actually, maybe it’s weirder that Holker said she never has. Isn’t everyone curious about what their baby is slurping down so hungrily?

Graham then had the hosts in stitches with her own question to them: “Have you ever squirted it across the room?” she said, pretending her breast was a firehose. She advised the couple to make a game out of Allison squirting milk at tWitch’s open mouth, “to see how far she can get it.” So now those images are seared into everyone’s minds.

The TMI wasn’t done yet, because the next question was about having “an accident” while exercising — which, we sincerely hope this was written by a woman and not tWitch himself.

“I pee every time I jump rope, the pants get wet,” Graham said. She was incredulous when Holker said she never experiences this problem, even after having three kids.

“I’m like a baby maker; it never happens,” Holker said.

“I need to know what kind of Kegels you’re doing because I’m doing the wrong ones,” Graham said.

Before the game, Graham and tWitch had a conversation about other aspects of being a parent. At 9 months old, baby Isaac apparently has four teeth that he likes to use on his mom while nursing. TWitch also warned her that once Isaac can walk, like his youngest daughter Zaia can at 11 months, “It’s a wrap for you.”

By the way, none of this is really fazing the Pretty Big Deal host, who said, I’m actually so excited to have another one.”

The conversation also got serious for a moment, when Graham and tWitch discussed how they’re raising biracial children.

“When you’re in an interracial relationship it’s even more of a duty for the white person to ask questions and to gain as much information as possible,” Graham said. “This is a time to not shy away from this. Our children need to know what’s happening. They need to know the facts. This is something that we don’t take lightly. Because if they’re going out on the street and they’re not armed with the proper information, we don’t know what’s going to happen.

Graham asked tWitch how he and Allison talk about race with their kids.

“It’s a continuous work in progress,” tWitch said. “Being African-American — it’s about teaching about the pride in that culture and all of the influences that we’ve brought to the country, that we’ve brought to the world. And also it’s cultures on both sides, just giving them a well-rounded knowledge of who they really are.”

Here are other famous parents who don’t shy away from the topic of racism with their children.

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