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Chelsea Clinton’s COVID-19 Mom Guilt is So Relatable

This year has been a hard time for just about everyone. For parents, it’s been especially tricky having to quickly adapt to new circumstances mid-pandemic; with most schools across the country opting to continue teaching remotely, parents are having to deal with having their kids at home far more than they’re used to. For full-time working moms who already have to juggle an absurd amount of childcare and employment responsibilities, it’s easy to feel like you’re falling short on both ends. But if you feel like this, repeat after us: You’re not failing. And you’re not alone. Moms everywhere are right there with you — including Chelsea Clinton, who recently opened up about her major pandemic mom guilt.

In an interview with People, Clinton admitted she’s not even sure it’s “possible to be a mom without mom guilt.” After all, societal standards for mothers are far higher than they are for fathers.

Clinton explained that there are times when she’s “on my Zoom and [4-year-old son] Aidan’s science class is crashing and then I’m off my Zoom rushing to fix the science class. And then I can’t stay with him to make sure he gets back on the science class. Then I’m running back into the next room to get back on my Zoom and then I feel like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m not doing either thing very well at the moment, but hopefully doing each as best as I can.'”

That’s where she hits the nail on the head: We’re all just doing the best we can, even when what’s being asked of us is impossible.

Chelsea shared that this knowledge is her key to getting through it — that, and the understanding that some days will be better than others. “There’s so many moments like that,” Clinton told the publication. “every day for working parents, and so trying to just be honest about that — honest about the privilege for those of us who can work from home, honest about how much balance still has to happen, honest about how much will fall out of balance, at least some days … the dishes may not get done until right before dinner or maybe not even until after dinner for the whole day, and that’s okay.”

Here are some tips for keeping kids busy when they’re stuck at home.

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