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Ashley Graham Celebrates Baby Isaac’s ‘9 Months Out’ With 2 Nude Selfies

Ashley Graham has received more than her share of mom shaming and body shaming since the birth of baby Isaac this year. That’s why when her son turned 9 months old on Sunday, we think it was extra special for her to celebrate her life-giving strength with both a nude selfie and a photo taken with her home birth team just after he was born.

“Nakie big girl,” Graham wrote as a caption for her nude selfie, which is crazy sexy for being in a bathroom mirror. The stretch marks of which she has expressed pride are on full display in the pic, too.

“I hate that this is seen as ‘big girl’; I see nothing but a beautiful, naturally curvy woman in all her glory….. super sexy and womanly,” @gratefulmama86 wrote.

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nakie big girl 👋🏽

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But Graham replied to her that there’s nothing to hate about the term.

“I hear what you’re saying,” the model and podcaster wrote. “But if you look at ‘big’ as a positive or love, then you can see it like I do. I love my big, strong, beautiful body. Love you, girlie.”

Later on Sunday, Graham posted another semi-nude pic — but with a much different mood. It’s a portrait of Graham and baby Isaac, surrounded by her birth team, including husband Justin Ervin, renowned doula Latham Thomas, and midwife Kimm Sun. Everyone (except Isaac) is grinning so wide in the photo, it’s enough to make even skeptics consider the benefits of home birth.

“Can’t believe Isaac is 9 months today! 9 months in, 9 months out,” Graham wrote. “Thank you to this phenomenal team for making my labor and delivery so smooth. We are so lucky to have the support from these amazing women!”

Graham has spoken frequently about how grateful she was for being able to experience her Isaac’s birth at home.

“I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do,” she said on her Pretty Big Deal podcast shortly after having Isaac. “There’s nothing that could come my way where I say, ‘That’s too hard. I can’t handle that.’”

Home births are not for everyone, however, so please read do your research to understand more of the criteria and see if it’s right for you.

Childbirth is nothing like in the movies, as these beautiful photos show.

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