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Miranda Kerr Applauds Katy Perry For Going Back to Work 6 Weeks Postpartum & It’s Not Exactly Helpful

We are all for every mom making her own decisions for her own family. And for Katy Perry, that meant going back to work a mere six weeks after giving birth to Daisy Dove Bloom, her first child with fiance Orlando Bloom.

“MUTHA MILKS is back to werk @americanidol and it’s udderly ridiculously MOO-ving already,” Perry wrote on Instagram on October 8 alongside a slideshow of her in a fantastically fancy cow-print dress suit. Seriously, she looks amazing (a-moo-zing? Sorry).

“Not pictured: my pumping breaks. (Shout out to @csiriano for the incredible custom costume),” Perry added.

“OMG you’re amazing. Love you,” commented supermodel Miranda Kerr. This is a lovely sentiment coming from Perry’s fiance’s ex and co-parent; Kerr and Bloom share son Flynn, age 9, from their previous relationship. And while it’s great to see the blended family members getting along and is also true that Perry is indeed “amazing” in all that she does, we really hope this exchange (or just how good Perry looks back at work in an animal print dress) is not putting any undue pressure on moms who don’t go back to work after less than two months postpartum.

Plus, so many of us working moms in the U.S. are forced to go back to work much earlier than we want to (or than is mentally or physically healthy) due to finances and childcare constraints. And for those moms, seeing celebrity parents (you know, folks with some pretty solid resources / $$ / support networks to tap into) take a short maternity leave, get applauded for it, and make it all look super-easy? That can feel like salt in an already unfair wound.

Erin Donnelly wrote a piece for SheKnows on her regrets about going back to work at six weeks postpartum, which she did because she didn’t have a choice.

“As a freelancer… I am not eligible for maternity benefits. I’m also a single mother — so if I don’t work, there’s no money coming in,” she wrote. “I’m the sole provider for my son, so there really wasn’t any other option.”

“I joke about wanting a second income rather than a husband…” Donnelly continues. “Not working [during 6 weeks of maternity leave] left me feeling insecure about my career. I felt anxious about being replaceable, and not being able to provide for my small family.”

Similar to how (the also-amazing) Mindy Kaling is making single motherhood look so much more fun that it is in reality for most of us single moms, Katy Perry is making back-to-work after a short lil’ maternity leave look easy and achievable, too. And while it’s a great choice when it is your choice and you are fully supported in it by available childcare and resources etc., no parent should be forced to return to work before they’re ready.

And that’s where the need for nationwide paid leave comes in. Have we told you recently that you need to go vote?

These celebrity parents get by with a little help — from paid childcare.

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