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Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry’s Secret to Getting Their Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s daughter Daisy Dove certainly lucked out in the parent department, but based on intel from her dad, her parents are pretty lucky too. In an interview airing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, Bloom revealed that his 6-week-old daughter is already sleeping through the night!

How did they possibly achieve this? Well, we think that getting any baby that young to sleep through the night is most likely a combination of skill and luck. Bloom revealed one trick he has up his sleeve for soothing Daisy.

“I chant ‘Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō,’ which is this Buddhist mantra I’ve had since I was 16,” the actor told DeGeneres. Because he chants this mantra of devotion daily, he had been saying it to his daughter while she was in utero, so it might be a familiar sound to her now that she’s out in the world.

“And when I’m walking around with her, I will chant in her ear and she likes it, she responds to it very nicely,” Bloom said. “Katie is a bit like ‘What?!’ It’s like I’m the baby whisperer. I am definitely winning the daddy points.”

But also, we’re pretty sure Perry has done her part to get Daisy off to dreamland, particularly by breastfeeding and pumping, since babies sleep better when they’ve grown enough that they don’t wake up hungry every few hours.

Bloom certainly credited Daisy’s healthy size with this milestone.

“It’s always a process with little bubbas coming into the world,” he said. “They have to get back to their baby weight because they lose a bit of baby weight in that process. She’s now in her baby weight and she’s sleeping from 9 until 6, 9 until 7, it’s unbelievable, which is a blessing.”

Bloom also got a laugh on the show talking about when it’s most disconcerting to see how much your baby resembles you and your partner.

“When she first came out, I was like, ‘Oh it’s a mini me,'” he said. “Then, fortunately, she got those Katy baby blues which was perfect, but then she short of looked a bit like my mum. Then I got a little bit confused because Katie’s breastfeeding this mini-me slash my mum — and who will she look like next?!”

If Buddhist mantras aren’t enough, here are some products that may help your kids sleep through the night.

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