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Katy Perry Is (Breast) Pumped Up to Vote in Jane Fonda Workout Video

Since October 5 is the deadline to register to vote in many states, activists, political organizations, and celebrities made another big push to make sure that everyone who is eligible has registered. Our favorite of these efforts involved Jane Fonda harking back to her workout video past, with some very famous students exercising their right to vote. Only one student, Katy Perry, had a slightly different take on getting pumped up.

“Get pumped to vote!” Perry wrote on Instagram, sharing the video. “Okay so @orlandobloom and I have different views on what it means to get pumped these days 🐄 but whoever said pumping isn’t a sport… I’d like to twist their nipples clockwise for one week straight.”

The video, featuring the classic VHS tracking issues and warped audio, includes Kerry Washington, Ken Jeong, Shaq, Amy Schumer, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Orlando Bloom all working out in their homes, wearing vintage ’80s aerobics costumes in homage to Fonda’s popular 1982 video series. Only Perry refrains from joining in the sweatfest — because, of course, she just had a baby. Instead, she bites into a snack while watching her fiancé lift weights.

Later, we see Perry’s version of getting pumped, as she’s hooked up to a breast pump. “Amy, does your kid have teeth?” she asks, looking rather exhausted, in the end.

“ANYWAY I am going to exercise my right to vote!!!!” Perry continued on Instagram, linking to an Exercise That Vote registration site. “Especially if @JaneFonda says I should. We’re getting in shape for the race of our lives this November and it has never been more important to #ExerciseThatVote. Head to the link in my bio and check your registration status, because many state registration deadlines are happening today!!!”

It is a bit of a belabored pun, but if it gets people’s attention enough to make them check their registrations status, we are all for the cheese. Also, congrats to Katy Perry for learning early on that the only way to succeed at this mom thing is to multitask.

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