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Watch Amy Schumer’s Baby Son Gene Surprise Everyone by Saying ‘Dad’ For the First Time

Social media may have its flaws, but Amy Schumer just made an extremely compelling argument for why Instagram has to stay in our lives forever. Schumer, who’s been documenting her baby son Gene David Fischer’s growth (both for her fans and because hello, baby pics!), just caught a rare moment on video that she was kind enough to share with the public and we bet you can’t watch this video through without smiling. While taking home videos of a snacktime at home to say hi to husband Chris Fischer, Schumer asks her boy Gene if he can say “dad” (probably for the millionth time). Except this time — he does! And Schumer’s reaction might be even cuter than the sound of lil Gene.

Schumer is sitting next to Gene in his high chair as they get ready to record a message: “Hi dad, we miss you, we hope you’re having a fun day,” she says to the camera, then turning to Gene. “Can you say dad?”

“Dad,” Gene eventually gets out, and all hell breaks loose. Schumer’s jaw drops, you can hear whoever’s holding the phone gasping, and we turn to see another woman clapping. The only downside? All the commotion gets poor Gene a little too worked up and he immediately starts crying, so mom Schumer dials it back down.

“This video was clearly a surprise to us,” the comedian captions the special moment. “Getting to experience these first moments with my son makes me feel so lucky. I think of my friend Angela Henry’s son. I would like to ask anyone reading this to google DJ Henry.”

We feel so lucky that we get to see these first moments along with her, and we hope that dad Chris is just as ecstatic watching this video from wherever he is.

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