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Angelina Jolie Worried About Kids Catching COVID-19 After Brad Pitt’s Trip With Nicole Poturalski

Ever-worried celebrity moms: They’re just like us! Angelina Jolie was every mid-pandemic divorced co-parent, aka she was definitely me, upon ex-husband Brad Pitt’s recent return from a trip abroad: She required that he quarantine for 14 days before seeing his kids again. And honestly, who could blame her? Air travel in 2020 is some pretty scary stuff.

US Weekly reported Tuesday that after Pitt vacationed in the south of France this summer with his new girlfriend, German model Nicole Poturalski, “Angelina insisted Brad quarantine for 14 days after he returned from France” before he reunited with his and Jolie’s kids — Knox, Vivienne, Shiloh, Zahara, Pax, and Maddox.

According to the US source, Jolie cited “a rise in COVID-19 cases in the country” as her reasoning — and rightfully so, since France is quickly experiencing a second wave of the pandemic that’s far outpacing its first. “She didn’t want to chance the kids getting it,” the source added.

Pitt’s response to Jolie’s request? Instead of quarantining, he wanted to take multiple COVID-19 tests “days apart,” to ideally work on “shortening the quarantine period.” Um, what? We’re no scientists, but we’re pretty sure that’s not how testing for the novel coronavirus works.

Sounds like Jolie wasn’t convinced, either. She “wasn’t having it,” reports US. Luckily, Pitt ended up agreeing to the (totally reasonable, honestly) two-week quarantine period and has since reunited with his kids.

Isobella Jade recently wrote a piece on SheKnows about just how much harder the coronavirus pandemic has made co-parenting kids in separate households — a process that is already quite complex.

“When my children aren’t staying with me,” she writes, “I lie in bed hoping they had their vitamins today and sanitized their hands enough if they went for a short walk or rode their bikes… During the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m picking my battles carefully, because fighting with their dad only creates more distance and stress. We may not be meant for each other, but we have to get through this as best as we can.”

For any of us co-parents — famous or not, mid-pandemic or not — picking our battles is key to success. And if one of those battles, for Angelina Jolie, is demanding a 14-day quarantine from Brad Pitt to ensure the health and safety of their kids, then more power to her.

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