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Quintessential Baby Names Beginning With ‘Q’ for Your New Cutie

Alpha Babies baby namesHas the quixotic quest for the quintessential baby name got you feeling queasy and querulous? Don’t quit now! Especially if said quest includes the goal of finding a “Q” name — you’re having quads or quintuplets, quite possibly (bless), or naming after the Queen? Perhaps you questioned our queue of “P” names prior to this, and quarreled over our ostentatious “O” names. But baby names beginning with “Q” aren’t just quaint; they’re quite cute. From the quintessentials like Quentin and Queenie to quirky picks like Quay and Quince, “Q” names have quite the cool quotient and are quickly climbing in popularity. You can quote us on it.

Traditional “Q” names for girls

Queenie (means “queen,” obviously, or “wife” but we’ll pick the former)

Quinlynne (Quin or Lynne for short make nicknaming easy)

Quisha (short for Laquisha or lovely on its own)

Quinley (or Quinlee if you want to get in on the double-e-ending trend)

Quinyang (“sunshine of my heart” in Chinese, awww)

Trendy “Q” names for girls

Quetzaly (in the Aztec language Nahuatl, Quetzal means “long tail feather”)

Quaniyah (this original name is the 12,999th most popular for girls in the U.S., so she’ll be a standout for sure)

Qamari (an Islamic name meaning “bright, moon-like” or “radiant”)

Qwynn (a modern spin on Quinn)

Quenby (or Quinby, both Scandinavian names meaning “womanly”)

Quimby (a tribute to Ramona, please!)

Quigley (with Irish-Gaelic roots, meaning “unruly” and perfect for a wild child)

Quentea (feminine version of Quente, pronounced KWAHNTiy)

Quvenzhané (young actor Quvenzhané Wallis is such a badass namesake)

Quintessa (doesn’t get more quintessential than this one)

Unisex “Q” names

Quinn (meaning “wise” and they’ll need it)

Quince (a sweet citrus fruit — and a Midsummer Night’s Dream character)

Quilty (from the ancient Gaelic “Caoilte,” a mythic warrior)

Quincy (meaning “fifth” but we won’t tell if you use it for your first or second)

Quill (short for Quilty or sweet by itself)

Quest (or Kwest if you want to get real snazzy)

Quay (a French nautical name meaning “wharf”)

Traditional “Q” names for boys

Quentin (illustrator Quentin Blake is a weird and wonderful namesake)

Quinlan (means “graceful”)

Qasim (a Muslim name meaning “divider”)

Qadir (meaning “powerful” or “capable,” often part of the name Abdul-Qadir)

Quintin (if Quentin was just toooo 19th-century)

Trendy “Q” names for boys

Quayle (started as a surname and is finding its footing as a first)

Quintrell (also a former surname, meaning “fifth” like Quincy)

Quetzall (along with Quetzal and Quetzaly, it refers to the festive bird)

Qusai (Qusai Fouad Yousef Kheder is a Saudi American hip hop artist)

Quillen (for creative fans of Killian and Callum)

Quinto (Quincy’s Spanish cousin)

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