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Chrissy Teigen Shares The Personal Cost of Her High-Risk Pregnancy

As a model-TV-host-cookbook-author and mom, Chrissy Teigen has always seemed to thrive on juggling multiple projects at once. But this week, it appears that she’s going to have to slow things down a lot for the sake of baby #3. In a tweet she posted late Wednesday night, she sounds like yet another mom who’s putting her career on hold for the sake of her kids.

“Today I had to postpone the cookbook indefinitely and send @AdeenaSussman
alllll the way back to Tel Aviv and same with shutting down filming Chrissy’s Court,” Teigen tweeted. “Baby cannot do it. I am devastated.”

This tweet was subtly tucked into a thread about The Real Housewives of Orange County, so it doesn’t seem like Teigen wants it to be a huge announcement. It reads like someone making a casual offhand comment about something they feel not at all casual or offhand about, just to help stabilize their own state of mind. But that’s just an interpretation based on how we’d feel if we had to halt work on so many exciting projects — including Teigen’s third Cravings cookbook, which she is writing with her longtime collaborator Adeena Sussman.


Teigen previously informed fans that she was placed on total bed rest because she has a “weak placenta,” which has been causing her a lot of bleeding.

In the same Instagram Stories in which Teigen accidentally revealed that she’s expecting a baby boy, she expressed her disappointment over being stuck in bed.

“It’s such a bummer because I’ve had to cancel so much work, and I was really excited to talk to so many different people and do these events because it would start to feel like normal life again a little bit,” she said in the video. “And it would have been really nice, but the timing is just shit. And I apologize. I’m sorry, but I have to make baby OK.”

It hurts us to think of her apologizing for taking care of herself and her baby!

As consolation, however, Teigen is diving deep into one area of social media she’s very good at: reality-TV commentary. That’s at the expense of political commentary, but again, this is for her health.

“Also I know I’m tweeting about stupid shit when so many bad things are happening,” she wrote, apologetically. “I just can’t speak up right now because my body is in such bad shape and I mentally cannot handle what will come out of it.”

Chrissy Teigen does tackle difficult subjects when teaching her kids, though, just like these other celebs who talk to their children about racism.

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