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Nikki Bella Posts Makeout Video, Says ‘Postpartum Panties Are Out the Door’

Oh, those Bellas. In the midst of sleep training, breastfeeding, and everything else that comes with new-momming, these superhuman creatures (well, Nikki Bella at least) have even found time to bring sexy back. Bella posted a “hidden cam” video to her Instagram on Monday — in which she and fiancé Artem Chigvintsev are getting pretty handsy in a makeout-slash-dance session.

And honestly, we have two things to say to this: First, if Bella wants to be taking a break from six-week-old newborn life with little Matteo Artemovich in order to upload kissing vids to her social media, that’s great for her! Second: If you happen to be a six-week (or any-week) postpartum mom who feels the antithesis of sexy right now and would rather breastfeed your pet Rottweiler than bring any semblance of sexy back with your partner in this moment — that’s totally ok too. (Okay, the third thing we have to say is how on earth is it a “hidden cam” in your own house if you know about it and dance in front of it and then post it to your Instagram? Nevermind, nevermind, don’t answer that.)

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‘Hidden Cam Warning,” Bella captioned the video, along with staring-eyeball emoji. “Mama getting her groove back… postpartum panties out the door.”

Like we said, if Bella or any new birth parent is ready to ditch those oh-so-comfortable postpartum panties by the six-week mark, that’s totally fine. But if this sounds painfully soon to you and/or if the idea of anyone’s body parts approaching the place in your body from which you ejected an entire human mere weeks ago, you are so not alone. I, personally, was not at all ready to get sexy again by six weeks postpartum. In fact, I didn’t lose my “postpartum virginity” until my son was six months.

Same for mom Cheeia Xiong, whom we recently interviewed for a piece on what real moms wish they’d known about postpartum sex — prior to, you know, trying to have it. “I wish someone told me that postpartum sex will be less enjoyable and completely different in many ways,” Xiong told SheKnows. “Physically, the first six months…sex still hurts! Sex made me feel like a virgin again, and I hated that feeling.”

But hey, even Bella has her limits. In her video caption she notes that the rule is “boobies still off limits.” But she adds that as each postpartum day passes, she’s feeling more like her true self. And feeling like ourselves is certainly worth hoping for, for any mom — whether it takes you six months or six (or 16…) years.

These breastfeeding photos show just how amazing postpartum bodies are — whether they’re feeling sexy yet or not.

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