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We’re Definitely Stealing Chrissy Teigen’s Homeschooling Hack

When schools closed down in March due to COVID-19, many adults were left to homeschool their kids for the first time — and celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were no exception. Now that the school year has begun again, 4-year-old Luna and 2-year-old Miles are back-to-homeschool with a schedule that is seriously making us so envious (and hungry!). The mom of two explained on Instagram how their home preschool of six has a theme every Friday based on a specific alphabet letter. This week, they used the letter “P” to perfectly plan their day! Obviously, we’re already thinking about stealing this brilliant idea. 

“For the day, they learn about a certain letter, dress like the letter and learn to cook something with that letter! Friday was Pajamas and Pizza for our ppppprecocious bunch and it was tooooo cute,” Teigen captioned a photo of Miles aptly wearing an alphabet T-shirt while making pepperoni pizza. Yum! You rarely see this delicious activity in preschools, which makes it all the more unique. “Looking forward to teaching our little superheroes to make sushi next week!” the cookbook author concluded. 

Of course, commenters were quick to point out the evident wine rack situated behind Miles. And to that, Teigen has a very understandable explanation: “Oh that amazing school I built in our house had to be up and moved in one night to a rental as we moved out to show it! So now their classroom is equipped with the rental’s wine cellar lol,” she explained with a gallery of photos and video showing the kids rolling out dough and making their own pizza creations. There was even a fresh basil plant thrown into the mix! 

The kids look like they’re having the best time, the pizza looks amazing, and the wine is honestly exactly what plenty parents need right now as they navigate homeschooling for the first time. Can we invite ourselves to the Teigen-Legend preschool for sushi (and sake?!) this Friday?

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